Monthly Archives: January 2012

I met Jerome last fall, shortly after I moved to Decatur.  I passed his house daily and  often observed him out and about, caring for his garden and chatting with neighbors. I loved walking by his house, not only because his garden was so beautiful but  because it made me feel as if I had been transported to a rural part of Georgia. It was a nice escape from the city even if it was for a brief moment. It wasn’t long before I starting visiting Jerome and purchasing vegetables from his garden. My son and I quickly became fans of his pickled okra. This past week I visited Jerome and remarked on his passion and success for gardening and he told me,” If you do something you love, then success will naturally come along with it.”



I have been planning to start a photography blog for several months and have managed to put it off . With the onset of 2012, I  figured that the only way I was going to get up and running was to make a New Years’s resolution to start my blog. Today I made the leap. In celebration of 2012, I have posted one of my first photographs of the year. In early January, I visited Decatur Lock and Key to order a safe for the house our family is building. When I walked into the shop and met David Cochran, the shop manager, I immediately knew that I wanted to return to photograph the shop that is the oldest  continuous  business in downtown Decatur and the  kindly man with the piercing blue eyes . Decatur Lock and Key opened in 1928 and David is still making keys with some of the original machines.