New Year’s Resolution


I have been planning to start a photography blog for several months and have managed to put it off . With the onset of 2012, I  figured that the only way I was going to get up and running was to make a New Years’s resolution to start my blog. Today I made the leap. In celebration of 2012, I have posted one of my first photographs of the year. In early January, I visited Decatur Lock and Key to order a safe for the house our family is building. When I walked into the shop and met David Cochran, the shop manager, I immediately knew that I wanted to return to photograph the shop that is the oldest  continuous  business in downtown Decatur and the  kindly man with the piercing blue eyes . Decatur Lock and Key opened in 1928 and David is still making keys with some of the original machines.

  1. Riko Carrion said:

    Hi Beate,
    Congrats on your new adventure. I’m very exited for you and for me. Your the first person I’ve ever cared enough to follow on a blog. I have always loved your work, and now I can keep up with you through this modern marvel of communication. Can’t wait for more, Riko

  2. Shimky said:

    What a fantastic expression on Dave’s face! :O)

    Beate, maybe you should limit the size of the photographs you post. A lot of people these days are impatient when it comes to loading times. For one photo, it’s fine. But if you’d post an article with several photographs, it might be too slow for a lot of visitors.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I did not realize that the posts were loading slowly for some people. The images load very quickly on my and my husbands computers.

  3. Your post took approximately 3 seconds to come up. That is so 2 seconds ago. I can’t wait that long. Please do something about this.

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