Elmo’s Watching

Have you ever seen something so beautiful that you literally stopped in your tracks and gasped? It happened to me when I saw Kebra standing with her parents outside their shop in Little Five Points in Atlanta. I approached Kebra’s mother and asked for permission to photograph her daughter. I felt like I had won the lottery when Kebra’s mother, Lucket, obliged and said I could photograph both of them. I created several portraits that came out beautifully but this one was my favorite because of the accompanying story. I had commented to Lucket that Kebra was such a social and verbal two-year old and she proceeded to tell me about an encounter she had had with her daughter a couple of days before. Kebra and Lucket had been out on this same sidewalk and Kebra had kept repeating, “Elmo, Elmo, Elmo”. At first, Lucket did not understand what Kebra was responding to but eventually spotted a portrait of Elmo that had been painted on the side of the building across the street.

When I was editing my images from this outing, I noticed something white on the wall above Kebra’s head in this photograph. As I zoomed in I was astounded to see Elmo’s eyes.  I had not spotted the eyes in the viewfinder when I composed this picture. Sometimes, the best images end up being the ones that you do not fully assimilate at the time the shutter releases.

  1. Clay Fisher said:

    What a great story…thanks for sharing!

  2. Yvonne said:

    Too clever….even if it was unknowingly! Adorable little girl.

  3. I’d love to see some of the other portraits from this. You have such a wonderful gift, Beate!

    • Thank you all for your comments. This was a really fun shoot. Perhaps I will post another portrait or two of Kebra and her mother.

  4. This is an excellent portrait,the camera is like a child and often sees things we can’t-or don’t realize we do -see.Part of the reason I love putting a fresh card of pictures on the screen is to see what gifts-from chance,my subconscious or whatever source, are there;this articulates that pleasure well.

  5. This is such a fine portrait and story;part of the joy of photography has always been for me that the camera ,like a child,-sees the things we can’t,won’t or don’t realize that we do -see.Thanks for this as well as the lovely portrait of me.

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