Marjan with Barn Owl

Last weekend I visited AWARE (Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort) in the Davidson-Arabia Mountain Preserve. This non-profit organization accepts all species of injured animals, rehabilitates them and then releases them back into the wild. The day I visited I was introduced to several of the ambassador animals. The barn owl, Windy Sue Whoo, captivated me with her regal poise. She was injured by a homeowner who thought that the owl was going to eat their cat. Windy Sue has been at AWARE for 2 years. Because she was not successful at being released back into the wild, she has become an ambassador animal and now helps to educate the public about habitat conservation, preservation and promote environmental awareness. Windy Sue is perched on the arm of Marjan Ghadrdan who is a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. To learn more about AWARE visit

  1. Virginia Twinam Smith said:

    Beate, that is a lovely picture. I don’t think I knew this place existed. I must go out to see it while I can. ///that is also a very handsome owl. I will ask you a bit later for the phone number or web site of the place if they have a site.

  2. Myrtie said:

    Beautiful bird and beautiful shot, Beate!

    • Thanks Myrtie. Windy Sue is a beauty. It was a rare opportunity and a priveledge to observe these ambassador animals and birds up close.

  3. Gorgeous portrait, Beate! The DOF and the tone of the portrait are the perfect choice!

  4. Riko Carrion said:

    This is a beautiful image. I mean it. Please keep it up. Riko

  5. Yvonne said:

    What a beautiful bird. I will have to make a visit to the preserve.

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