Rosa at 27

This past week I received sad news from my friend Juanita Whiddon, who is the archivist at Tall Timbers Research Station (formally Tall Timbers Plantation) in Tallahassee, Florida. Rosa, who is one of the individuals I photographed for the Tall Timbers Plantation Project  has been in poor health since I photographed her one year ago. Juanita visited Rosa last week and reported that Rosa’s health had significantly declined. When I received the news, this image of Rosa, proudly holding a photograph of herself at the age of 27, came to mind. Rosa and I created this photograph after we had completed our formal photographic session at her house.  Two of her grown children and Juanita were there and as we were talking and joking around on the porch, Rosa asked her son, Calvin, to retrieve a photo. When Rosa showed us this photograph she was beaming and remembering her younger years. Although I did not include this photograph in the project, this remains one of my favorites.

Friday I leave for Deltona, Florida to view the exhibition of the Tall Timbers Plantation Project, which is being shown at the Southeast Museum of Photography’s Lyonia Gallery. I am honored to have been given this amazing opportunity to share this special project with the public. This project has been dedicated to all the former residents from Tall Timbers Plantation and Juanita Whiddon who generously shared their stories and collaborated in creating the portraits. To learn more about the exhibition go to

  1. Sad news…and happy news! My heartfelt condolences and congratulations, Beate.

  2. Yvonne said:

    Such a beautiful photo. I had the privilege of viewing the Tall Timbers Plantation exhibit in Florida and found the photos to be captivating. Beate, you have such a knack for capturing people’s expressions and then telling their story. I am also in awe of how you photograph light in your photos.

  3. Myrtie said:

    Congratulations on your exhibit, Beate! I’m sure it will be a great success. Any possibilities of it being exhibited closer to home-your new home, that is?

    • Hildy Diaz said:

      I am really sad!! I saw that you have an excibit this Saturday and we planned to surprise you before going to Mark’s, already had told your uncle! When I pulled up the directions to Lyonia Gallery, I saw that it is in Fl. Boo Hoo.
      Congratulations, Beate.

  4. I can only echo what Yvonne expressed so well. You genuinely have a gift, Beate. Congratulations on the exhibit!

    • Thank you all for your encouraging comments! They are all greatly appreciated.

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