Hot Night at Browns Mill Park

Last Thursday my son had an early evening baseball game at Browns Mill Park in Lithonia. The temperature at 6:00 pm registered 100 degrees! Unable to sit still for the duration of the game, I wandered around the ball park in search of a distraction to ease my misery. I found the distraction I needed when I spotted these youngsters playing with each other near the concession stand. They appeared oblivious to the record high temperature and were happily running around tossing a ball and searching for bugs. At one point, a cockroach scurried out from under a trash can and the boys dashed madly after it. One boy was trying to squash it and another was screaming,”Don’t kill it. It’s part of the circle of life”. This environmentally conscious boy gave me reason to pause. I should probably reconsider the pest control service for our new house.

1 comment
  1. Yvonne said:

    No, sorry, I am with the kid who wanted to squish the critter!! One less roach is good for the planet!

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