Oakhurst Laundry and Cleaners

Our family recently moved into the Oakhurst neighborhood of Decatur. The Oakhurst Village is a two block walk from our doorstep; it houses an eclectic array of family owned businesses and restaurants. Last week I had the opportunity to meet John Byun, owner of the Oakhurst Laundry and Cleaners. John was born in Korea but came to the United States when he was 16 years old to complete his schooling and to escape the pressures of the Korean school system. School-aged children in Korea attend school from 6:00 am until 9:00 at night and the competition is fierce. After returning to Korea to serve  a two-and-one-half year mandatory military stint,  John returned to the United States with his bride. In 2004, John graduated from Ohio State with a Master of Information Science degree. Two years ago, John’s wife was transferred to Atlanta to work and the family moved. John knew that he wanted to be self-employed and researched various business options. Last year, Oakhurst Laundry became available for purchase and John jumped at the opportunity. What John likes most about owning the Oakhurst Laundry is that it provides him with free time to pursue his other interests. He is a translator for professors in Korea who need assistance with translating teaching materials from English to Korean.

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  1. lov the colors and scenography here, reminds me a bit of a david lachapelle’s pics 🙂

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