Starlight Drive-In

My visit to the Starlight Drive-In in Atlanta last weekend was like taking a trip back in time. I have not been to a drive-in movie since I was a teenager and I can say that not much has changed. The exception was that instead of the speaker that was available to hang on the car window, the audio today is accessed via the FM radio in one’s car. This particular night, the atmosphere and light at the drive-in was eerie. Atlanta had been doused by a heavy rainstorm that afternoon. The air was dense and the city lights bounced off the blanket of clouds hovering overhead. These weather conditions in combination with the array of colors emitted from the six different movie screens created the surreal mood in the parking lot that night.

  1. Janet Hastings said:

    Hi Beate-my best memory of the drive-in movie was when, on a cross country bike ride in 1978, we asked if we could put our small 2 person tent in front row, watch movies, and then spent the night there. The answer was yes! and it was really a hoot- Janet

    • What a wonderful memory to have. I must say that I have never seen a tent pitched at a drive-in movie. I imagine it was great fun.

  2. Hildy Diaz said:

    Your uncle and I remember the drive-ins very well. Bummer, we never got to camp out though. Aunt Hildy

  3. There is something very nostalgic about drive-in movies.I suppose many of us went to drive-ins on dates so there is that romantic connotation associated with drive-in movies.

  4. Beate, this is so cool. A wonderful capture and a visit down memory lane. I love it.

  5. Thanks Riko. I enjoyed the experience of being at the drive-in movie more than actually watching the movie.

  6. Myrtie said:

    When I first moved to Atlanta in 1973, the Starlight was the only drive-in left. I didn’t know it was still going! Thanks for blogging about it, Beate.

  7. I was surprised as well to learn that a drive-in still existed. Thanks for your comment.

  8. I actually went yesterday to the Drive in and I have to say the sky looked nothing like this ;( Great Picture!!! Glad you were able to capture this rare color scheme.

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