Raymond at Georgia Produce

On the corner of Moreland and Ponce de Leon in Atlanta, sits a colorful roadside produce stand. I stopped to pick up peaches and proceeded to forget the purpose for stopping when Raymond Ramsey, the proprietor, greeted me with a melodic Jamaican accent. As we chatted I became mesmerized by his exuberant expressions and gestures. He was full of life and wonderful stories and exuded optimism and happiness. He spoke of the importance of following one’s passion. He remarked,” My friend, you gotta paint your picture before your life is over”. Have you painted your picture today?

  1. Great post!!! I love the colors within the image… What Raymond said is also true… In life you have to follow your passion because if you don’t then you are not living!

    • Thanks for your comment Debra. I am drawn to the color red like a bee is to honey. I couldn’t have been presented with a more beautiful color palette in which to photograph Raymond.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful work Beate! I love the heart in each image, which is further supported by your time in knowing your subject conveyed in your words. You are a light and you paint everyday.

    • Thanks Tracy. Creating an honest portrait of an individual requires taking the time to get to know them. That is the gratifying part for me. Thanks for following my blog!

  3. Wonderful photo, Beate! I think you really captured his spirit, and the colors are just wonderful!

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me! I am enjoying sharing the photos and stories of the people I meet. If you are interested you can subscribe to my blog and you will recieve notification when I publish a new post. I noticed you are from New Zealand. I would love to visit some day. From the photos I’ve seen it looks like one of the most beautiful places on earth. Is photography as an art form well supported in New Zealand? Wishing you my best.

      • There are quite a number of photographers in NZ and although some regard photography more as a straight technical skill, there are increasing numbers of us who regard it as an art form as well. NZ is certainly an interesting place to photograph, but not all of it is beautiful. We have our share of drab, messy and plain boring as well. Have a look for a book called “The Terrible Boredom of Paradise”.
        I’ll be back…. 🙂

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