Eddie at the High

The High Museum in Atlanta is one of the most beautiful indoor spaces I have ever visited. Not only is the art work visual candy but the space is transformative. Yesterday I made the trip to see two fabulous photographic exhibits which close at the end of the week. If you are unable to see the exhibits at the High you can view the photographic projects from Picturing the South on the artist’s web sites at the following links: http://kaelalford.sites.livebooks.com/http://www.shanelavalette.com/ and http://www.martinparr.com .

After viewing the exhibits I wandered up to one of the newer wings, the Wieland Pavilion. It was there that I had the pleasure of meeting Eddie Harleman, a security officer for the Museum. Eddie has been working at the High since September of 1997, when the High broke ground for its expansion. He enthusiastically shared his knowledge about the history of the museum. His favorite part of the job is meeting the people he encounters from all around the world and being an ambassador for the Museum. “I want to make visiting a pleasure so you want to come back”. My visits to the High are always pleasurable but yesterday’s trip was even more meaningful as a result of my encounter with Eddie.

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