“Honorary Granny”

Katherine Dorsey is another fan of Waffle House who attended the dedication of a historical marker at the original Waffle House in Avondale Estates last weekend. Katherine worked at Waffle House up until 3 years ago when her husband passed away. She still lives around the corner from the Waffle House she worked at. When I asked her what her name was she said, “Katherine, but they call me Granny”. She proudly wore her Waffle House “Honorary Granny” name tag for the event.

  1. Rick Ferrall said:


  2. margfoxon@comcast.net said:

    Oh my, only in GA!!! What a shot, Beate!

    • What a wonderful subject Katherine was! She was delightful and so photogenic. I would have loved to have a granny like her. I can see why so many people have adopted her as “granny”

  3. Becky Nicolaides said:

    Beate, you are such an artist – I’m totally enjoying all of these photos. They are all fabulous. Kudos to you. love, Becky


    • Thanks Becky. I am enjoying the process of meeting these wonderful people and creating their portraits. This has been a great way to get to know Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

  4. Myrtie said:

    Beate-You have such a great way of capturing expressions and realities of people!

    • Thanks Myrtie. I’m always amazed how honest people are with me when they pose. Rarely do I get someone who wants to flash an artificail smile. For the most part they are just themselves. That is always a gift that I am given by a person.

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