Tom at Warehouse Framers

Atlanta is in the throes of Atlanta Celebrates Photography, a yearly festival that is dedicated to cultivation of the photographic arts. For those of us who are passionate photographers it is an opportunity to show our work. Along with the honor of showing our art comes the cost of framing. Since I moved to Atlanta a year ago I have been purchasing my framing supplies from Tom and Carol Blackman at Warehouse Framers. Tom, now 86, got into the picture framing business in 1968. Although Tom is not an artist he has appreciated art all his life. “I never fancied to be one, I just liked it.”

In September, when I picked up my supplies for framing I took time to create a portrait of Tom in his workshop where he cuts frames. Afterwards, we wandered to his office to chat. When I walked into Tom’s office I immediately realized the office was the place to photograph Tom. There were a vast assortment of artifacts and personal items sitting on shelves, tables and hanging on the walls. This small space revealed much about this delightful person. In the image above, a young Tom in his Navy uniform, is seen in the three photographs hanging above his desk on the right. A wooden leg, which is heavier than any modern prosthesis I have ever lifted, is propped up in the corner . The nude portrait was painted by an old girlfriend which is situated next to the “Repent” sign. Tom had persuaded a friend to nab the sign from the other side of a fence in a rural area here in the South.

In honor of Atlanta Celebrates Photography I thank Warehouse Framers for their support, dedication and fabulous work.

  1. Yvonne said:

    Tom’s wall tells his story…very cool. You have a gift for capturing people and telling a story….love it.

  2. Margarita Montalvo said:

    Love the REPENT -FINAL WARNING SIGN!!!!! Margarita

  3. Isn’t it great. I found it amusing that it was next to the nude portrait.

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