Louis at Caribbean Chicken and Fish

I have driven by Caribbean Chicken and Fish on Ponce de Leon Avenue in Scottdale many times on my drives between Decatur and Clarkston and have noticed the smoker on the sidewalk spewing smoke. Even when my car windows have been closed, an intense, mouth-watering smell seeped into my vehicle. I have never seen anyone tending to the smoker until last week. When I spotted Louis in his white chef’s hat and apron, I knew this was my opportunity to find out more about this roadside eatery. Louis is originally from Trinidad but came to Atlanta via New York. He opened Caribbean Chicken and Fish less than a year ago and in this short time has developed a following. His joint has been voted as one of the best five places to get barbecue in Atlanta. I promised to return and order the jerk chicken and did so three days later. I left with a whole chicken, fresh out of the smoker, and an order of plantains to share with my family. The verdict? Louis’s jerk chicken is the best BBQ chicken I have ever tasted. It was juicy and infused with a rich smokey flavor. The jerk sauce that Louis lathered on top of the bird had my taste buds dancing.

In the image above, Louis takes a breather while Terry returns from tending the large smoker out back.

  1. margfoxon@comcast.net said:

    Love it!!!!

  2. Hildy Diaz said:

    We must get together and enjoy some of the yummy food. These roadside stops offer sometimes the best food. I well remember one in Puerto Rico…the most incredible bacalao frito ever!

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