Monthly Archives: December 2012

Christmas lights at Botanical gardens-2

In an attempt to brighten my spirits, my family and I visited the Garden Lights, Holiday Nights at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I had not had the desire or been in the right frame of mind to photograph since the Connecticut school massacre on December 14th. I usually turn to my camera at times when I am feeling low but this time I had not possessed the motivation to even photograph. As our family left the house for the Botanical Gardens last Thursday, I slung my camera around my neck, more out of habit than anything else. That night, the beauty and joy at the gardens slowly started to chisel away at the grief I had been feeling for all the parents and family members who had lost their loved ones. As I ambled through the spectacular light displays my desire to create pictures slowly displaced my sadness and I once again started to photograph. My time of healing started that night at the gardens. I continue to think about  the grieving families and community in Connecticut and hope that they will find something beautiful to hold onto during this holiday season, something that will soften their sadness, if even for a short while.

May all of you be touched by the joy and beauty of this holiday season.




Antonio at Cactus Car Wash

Since moving to Atlanta last year, I have relied on Cactus Car Wash on Ponce de Leon Avenue to wash my car. How could a girl from New Mexico resist the adobe-style building with the exposed vigas (beams) and kiva fireplace adorned with a skull? The only element missing for an authentic southwest experience is the sweet scent of pinon emanating from the fireplace. Aside from the appeal of the aesthetics of the Cactus Car Wash, the folks there do a superb job at cleaning cars. The assembly line of workers is highly organized and the workers move at breakneck speed. They take pride in their work and it shows in the final product. I was welcomed by all the employees to photograph last week while my car was being washed. Anthony in particular enjoyed the attention. Above, I captured him during a more serious moment.