Never Give Up

Never Give Up

As I was driving home late Saturday afternoon I spotted artists working on this Living Wall in the Kirkwood neighborhood in the east side of Atlanta. Since 2010, artists from around the world have transformed walls throughout the city into visually compelling works of art during the annual Living Walls,The City Speaks conference in August. The Living Walls mission statement is to, “promote, educate, and change perspectives toward public space in our communities via street art.” Above, volunteers Keif Schleifer, Emily Fisher and Derek Dondeville are touching up a wall that had been recently defaced. The wall was painted by the Spanish street artist, Eme in 2012. Eme often incorporates powerful messages, typically one to two words into her creations. The message on this wall was particularly powerful to me on this day for I had been experiencing a dry spell in terms of my photography and I was grappling with whether what I do as a photographer makes a difference. As I conversed with Keif about Living Walls, several motorists enthusiastically thanked the volunteers as they drove by. My encounter was not only inspirational because I witnessed the positive impact that Eme’s art had on the community but it also reminded me to Never Give Up when the road gets bumpy.

  1. said:

    Beate – just a reminder that my email has changed to YOu should have had an email from me in the last couple of days about this. M

  2. Carolyn Cowan said:

    This is a wonderful image, Beate – and seems very helpful as the new year begins!

    Happy New Year to you and yours. Just had a wonderful week with Joanna, Kennen, Kailey, and Kiegan in Cabo San Lucas – and Joanna’s brother Jon and sister Dena and their families.

    Carolyn Cowan

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Janet Hastings said:

    Beate- your images sometimes take me to those “thin places” – a gift for me (and others)- thank you. janet

    • Thanks Janet. It is comments such as yours that reaffirms the importance of what I do. This is my gift from you to me. Happy New Year!

  4. Beate, Thanks for sharing. I have recently been challenged with a medical issue that will be addressed this coming Monday that has kept me in a state of conflict and turmoil so it’s always uplifting and therapeutic to see such messages. The mere fact that you’ve shared this image proves that your intent and purpose isn’t in vain or unworthy….keep on keeping on!



  5. Margarita Montalvo said:

    GREAT. Margarita

  6. Hildy Diaz said:

    Beate…your photography DOES make a big difference by showing different perspectives of live that I know I would not get to see. And the Living Walls bring awareness to by-passers and motorist. Keep it up…I enjoy your posts tremendously. aunt Hildy

    • So glad that my interactions with the people I meet and places I visit are of interest to others. It is always reaffirming to hear.

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