Woman with Tatoos and Cat

Women with Tatoos and Cat 2

One recent, unseasonably warm afternoon, I found myself with a couple of hours to spare. I grabbed my camera and headed to the close-by neighborhood, Cabbagetown, on the east side of Atlanta. It was a pleasant afternoon to wander the narrow streets lined with shotgun houses and enjoy the energy emanating from the sidewalk cafes and people meandering about. As I returned to my car to head home I stopped to observe a cat perched upon a newsstand. Within seconds, a women in an electric wheelchair pulled up alongside the newsstand and extended her arm as far as she could in the attempt to connect with the cat. I willed the cat to stretch towards the women but within seconds the cat leapt away and the women turned her chair around and disappeared. Unlike most of my encounters with the people I photograph, this one lasted only a few seconds and there was no personal interaction. Despite the brevity of the encounter this has been one of the most poignant moments I have recorded.

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  1. I enjoyed your choice of wording so much, and such keen observation and appreciation of ‘life’. I tried to ‘like’ this blog post, but my ‘click’ didn’t record. I’ll share on my twitter.

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