Monthly Archives: March 2013

Girl selling cotton candyOn St. Patrick’s Day, Steinbeck’s Ale House in Decatur hosted a lively party. Musicians performed Irish tunes, families and friends picnicked together, beer flowed freely for those of age and children partook in face painting, tug of war and other games. I spotted this teenage girl selling cotton candy. As it turned out, she had made the tasty treat at home and was doing a booming business selling her confection for a dollar a bag.


Sweet water CreekAfter weeks of cold rainy weather, we were blessed with gorgeous days last weekend. Our family headed out to Sweetwater Creek State Park which is only minutes from downtown Atlanta. We followed a trail along the stream to the ruins of a textile mill which burned during the Civil War then circled back through the woods. Although the trees were still draped in their winter cloaks, fresh buds were starting to emerge and the promise of spring whispered.

Little Creek Horse FarmLittle Creek Farm is a 40-acre horse farm that is located in Decatur, a short drive from my house. The stables board over 40 horses which are all privately owned. Some of the horse owners have graciously lent their horses for use to a program at the farm called Stride Ahead. Stride Ahead offers Equine-Assisted Therapy and Therapeutic Riding to individuals with special needs. My daughter has been riding with Stride Ahead for 8 months and her sessions at the farm are always the highlight of her week. During her hour lessons I have had the opportunity to enjoy this magical place. Although the commotion of the city lingers just a few feet from the entrance to Little Creek Farm, I am transported to the country when I visit. Aside from being a beautiful place to ride, Little Creek Farm has a fascinating history. The most interesting fact about the farm is that during the Battle of Atlanta in 1864, thousands of exhausted Union troops and cavalry camped along South Peachtree Creek which runs through the property. Last week during my daughter’s lesson, it rained heavily for a short period of time. Most of the riders stayed inside the covered arena to ride but there was one rider and trainer that braved the muddy fields outside. Lucky for me since they added an element of interest to the image I captured of the farm at sunset.

Penelope the PigAs I was walking down 14th Avenue in Midtown this week I came upon a sight that made me chuckle. Waddling down the sidewalk was Penelope, a pot-bellied pig. I could hear Penelope oinking long before I was able to confirm with my eyes that indeed, a young women was walking a pig. Penelope is a youngster at 7 months and 25 lbs. According to Penelope’s owner, Penelope is very clean and is litter box trained. Like her owner, Penelope is a vegan and her favorite food is beans.