Penelope the Pot-bellied Pig

Penelope the PigAs I was walking down 14th Avenue in Midtown this week I came upon a sight that made me chuckle. Waddling down the sidewalk was Penelope, a pot-bellied pig. I could hear Penelope oinking long before I was able to confirm with my eyes that indeed, a young women was walking a pig. Penelope is a youngster at 7 months and 25 lbs. According to Penelope’s owner, Penelope is very clean and is litter box trained. Like her owner, Penelope is a vegan and her favorite food is beans.

  1. Bunny Ferrall said:

    I love my photograph!! Thank you so Much!! Your work is amazing!! I will find a special place for it at my Favorite place,my Pond house in Marianna. So glad you picked my name!! Love Bunny Sent from my iPhone

  2. Hi from a fellow Decatur blogger. I love this picture and I’m also very intrigued by the notion of a vegan pig! Great work on your blog!

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