Monthly Archives: April 2013

AnnaLast Thursday, I wandered around the corner from my home in Decatur to attend Jazz Night in the Oakhurst Village. These Jazz Nights are a merry gathering of people of all ages. Folks bring picnic dinners and blankets and spread out on the lawn to listen to an evening of music. Toward the end of my stay, my eyes were drawn to a colorfully dressed woman in the crowd. As I started to move towards her I noticed that she was getting ready to leave with a friend. As Anna passed me I told her she looked terrific and asked if I could photograph her. The other women with Anna was Rosemary Kimble. Rosemary is a Body and Costume Artist, a Mask Maker and the artist who painted Anna’s body. It took four hours for Rosemary to paint this creation on Anna. To see more of Rosemary’s amazing work please visit her website at


Ballet at CallanwoldeCallanwolde is a Gothic-Tudor style mansion that was built in 1920 by one of the Coca-Cola heirs. It is situated on 12 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens in the neighborhood of Druid Hills in Atlanta. Today, Callanwolde Fine Arts Center offers classes and workshops to the community. This past Fall  I was visiting a fellow photographer’s exhibit at Callanwolde  when I happened to glance in the direction of the dance studio. Young girls were prancing around in glorious light that entered through an entire wall of windows. With permission from the dance instructor I returned to photograph one of the dance classes. Although I had thoroughly enjoyed my time with the girls, I left wondering if I had captured a moment worth keeping. These young girls flitted from one place to another like butterflies in a summer garden. As expected, most of my shots missed the decisive moment by a fraction of a second and I discarded the majority of images. Over the past months, I have been drawn to review the handful of images I had kept. Recently, this one image captured my heart. Sometimes the passage of time is what is needed to allow our minds to absorb and understand what has been in front of our eyes all along.

WisteriaLast Sunday, our family headed north to Tennessee for a respite from our hectic routine. Although the flowering trees had exploded with color before we departed Atlanta, the leaves on the trees were just emerging. When we returned home five days later, the trees were in their full glory and the sweet smell of wisteria permeated the air. While photographing along the South Peachtree Creek Trail in Decatur yesterday evening, I came upon wisteria that was beautifully lit by the setting sun. Visually, the scene was arresting but on a deeper level I felt that the portrait before me epitomized the essence of the “South”.

Rocking RickI ran into Rocking Rick (on the left) a couple of weeks ago in Little Five Points. One year ago, when we first met, he had mentioned that his mother had gone to the same elementary school as Martin Luther King Jr. At our recent meeting I told him that I had been intrigued by the comment he had made the previous year and he elaborated. Rocking Rick relayed one of the childhood stories his mother had shared with him about the young Martin Luther King Jr. When Rocking Rick’s mother was a school girl, the kids walked home  after school in segregated groups. The white children walked together on one side of the street and the black children walked on the other side. The kids would call out to Martin to walk with them but the young Martin declined to walk with neither group. Instead, he chose to amble on his own. He took his time to observe flowers, birds and other things in his environment. The kids could not imagine what he found so interesting and why he was so slow on his journey home.