Rocking Rick

Rocking RickI ran into Rocking Rick (on the left) a couple of weeks ago in Little Five Points. One year ago, when we first met, he had mentioned that his mother had gone to the same elementary school as Martin Luther King Jr. At our recent meeting I told him that I had been intrigued by the comment he had made the previous year and he elaborated. Rocking Rick relayed one of the childhood stories his mother had shared with him about the young Martin Luther King Jr. When Rocking Rick’s mother was a school girl, the kids walked home  after school in segregated groups. The white children walked together on one side of the street and the black children walked on the other side. The kids would call out to Martin to walk with them but the young Martin declined to walk with neither group. Instead, he chose to amble on his own. He took his time to observe flowers, birds and other things in his environment. The kids could not imagine what he found so interesting and why he was so slow on his journey home.

  1. Margarita Montalvo said:

    Great story, great picture and great guitar. Mragarita

    • Thanks Margarita. Rocking Rick was fascinating to listen to. He had many interesting stories to tell. The guitar is actually his. The other fellow (playing the guitar) had borrowed Rocking Rick’s guitar to strum for a while.

  2. Malgorzata Florkowska said:

    Hi Beate,

    Great shot and great story!!!! I really enjoyed seeing it and reading. Rocking Rick is so photogenic and the eye of the guitar player is great. I saw him looking like that but never got as good shot as you did.

    All the Best,


    • Thanks Malgorzata! I took lots of shots but as you probably remember Rocking Rick was tricky to photograph because he talked continuously and was always gesturing with his hands. All the shots I took were a fraction of a second off with the exception of this one image.

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