Wisteria Along the South Peachtree Creek Trail

WisteriaLast Sunday, our family headed north to Tennessee for a respite from our hectic routine. Although the flowering trees had exploded with color before we departed Atlanta, the leaves on the trees were just emerging. When we returned home five days later, the trees were in their full glory and the sweet smell of wisteria permeated the air. While photographing along the South Peachtree Creek Trail in Decatur yesterday evening, I came upon wisteria that was beautifully lit by the setting sun. Visually, the scene was arresting but on a deeper level I felt that the portrait before me epitomized the essence of the “South”.

  1. Marguerite Foxon said:

    totally gorgeous!!!!


    • Thanks Marguerite. This was a gift. All the elements were present.

  2. chip said:

    nicely seen my friend. love to see a deep, rich print from it…

    • Thank you. You’re on. A print next month.

  3. Joanna White said:

    I love this one!

  4. Thanks Joanna. It was great to talk to you last night. Congratulations on your success!

  5. aunt Hildy said:

    Your picture looks like an oil painting, beautiful! Enjoy your trip to the mountains!

  6. Margarita Montalvo said:

    Beautiful. Sooooo peaceful. Glad you were able to take some time off. Margarita

  7. Rick Ferrall said:

    Gorgeous! I can almost smell the sweet Wisteria!
    Thanks for the treat!

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