Street Photography in South x Southeast Photomagazine


This month’s features in South x Southeast Photomagazine showcase street photography and still lifes. I am honored to have been chosen to show a collection of my street photography images I created in Syros, Greece. They have laid dormant in my computer since I downloaded the images in 2011 so I am grateful to have the opportunity to share a part of my heritage with all of you. If you have a subscription to South x Southeast you may view the current issue at  or you may view my  images from Greece on my website at in the portfolio Discovering Syros.



  1. Marguerite Foxon said:

    Congrats! This is a super series. I especially like the one looking down on the coffee drinkers, and also the old man walking beneath the clothes drying above him. So typical of villages in Turkey too. M

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    • Although I have not been to Turkey, I can imagine how the picture of the house with laundry could be reminiscent of a place in Turkey. Since your move back home, what is inspiring you photographically? I would love to see what you are working on. Any interesting dumpsters? Thanks for your kind words and your support.

    • Thanks Gail. I miss seeing your blog postings. Are you taking a break?

      • Yes, though not an intentional one. I hope to pick it back up soon. 🙂

  2. OPA! I miss Greece. You really have an eye for capturing “the moment”. It’s great to hear that you’re being recognized for your talent. BTW-Thanks for the photo advise.

  3. deboracartagena said:

    Wow Beate!!!! This is great news… I’m happy for you 😉 Question, did you ever consider submitting that photo you posted a while back on your blog of these Indian ladies in a cultural setting to National Geographic’s “Daily Shot” site? I think that photo definetly has a chance of winning.Debora

    • Thanks for continuing to be so supportive. No, I never did enter that image..just didn’t get motivated to do so. I do appreciate your suggestion though and your faith in my work!

  4. Owen Jones said:

    Hi Ms. Sharp Eyes! I watched all your fine portfolios but, of course, was partial to B&W. You have “the gift”! I hope we keep in touch. Owen

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