Millennials at the Ballpark

Baseball in McDonoughLast Saturday, my son’s travel ball team opened their season in McDonough, just southeast of Atlanta. As I sat on the bleachers watching my son’s team play, I  was distracted by the group of boys sitting next to me awaiting their turn to play the winners. Although they managed to catch an occasional glimpse of the game being played on the field, they were entranced and captivated with their cell phones. A recent Time article about Millennials  (the generation of teens through 20-somethings), stated that kids receive an average of 88 texts a day. They are interacting all day with their peers but mostly through a screen. In my attempt to distract the boys from their phones I asked them what positions they played. One ball player told me,  “I pitch and play outfield. I prefer outfield though because I don’t have to work as hard.” It made me wonder if his preference to be in the outfield, farther from the watchful eyes of the umpire and coaches, was so he could secretly check his cell phone for messages. Millennials are always anxious that they might be missing out on something better. Seventy percent check their phones hourly. As for me, I only checked my phone between innings.

  1. Marguerite Foxon said:

    pretty sad. We are raising a bunch of kids with little interest in anything that doesnt immed affect them, nor interest in cultivating the art of conversation. M


  2. Yvonne Young said:

    Working in a high school….I see this daily. The over attachment to their cell phone can’t be healthy. Hmmm….makes me wonder if I’m showing my age. It seems every generation has something that the older generation frowns on.

  3. Margarita Montalvo said:

    SAD…but true. Margarita

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