Thumbs Up for the Millennials

Chris selling shaved iceI was antsy. My son’s baseball team was losing badly, I had been sitting on the bleachers for 3 hours and I had not taken a single photograph. I wandered down to the snack bar looking for a change in scenery when I noticed Christopher at a make-shift stand selling shaved ice. As we talked I learned that he was working two jobs to make ends meet and that he was going to be a first-time dad in three months. He had also returned to college after realizing that he needed a higher education to meet his goals of starting a free on-line college. He had clearly thought out his plan and had consulted others in the field of education about his dream. Chris’ goal is a lofty one and may have been brushed off as being grandiose or unrealistic had he been of another generation, but the Millennials have the confidence and technological skills to pull it off. Although research has tagged the Millennials as being lazy, self-absorbed, immature, entitled, narcissistic and technology addicted this generation may also save us all. They are optimistic, unafraid to challenge conventions, are more accepting of differences than past generations and best of all, they are really nice. I’m optimistic that the Millennials will be the next great generation.

  1. Marguerite Foxon said:

    good luck to him!


  2. Janet Hastings said:

    praise for Millenials: accepting of differences- refreshing – i agree

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