Tyrone From Baltimore


Tyrone caught my eye as he sat in the downtown Decatur Square on the opening day of the Decatur Book Festival. Perhaps it was the preppy look of his V-necked sweater and white polo, the fact that he was sucking on a lollypop, or his leather satchel draped on the table. As I discovered, not only was Tyrone an intriguing person to photograph, his stories were delightful and touching. Although Tyrone has been living in Atlanta for 20 years, he is originally from Baltimore, MD. He taught history to terminally ill children at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. He spoke about “his children” with humor and great fondness. Although he loved working with the kids, dealing with the death of youngsters on a regular basis took its toll. He told me that each day as he headed to work he would pray that none of his kids had died. After 12 years of teaching, Tyrone needed to escape and moved to Atlanta. I asked him how he liked living in the South and he responded, “Too much chicken.”

  1. Susan said:

    I love the photo and post about Tyrone!

  2. Marguerite Foxon said:

    Beate You really have such a wonderful way of personalizing your photos – the story each one tells. This is a classic study and I love the story. who would have thought he had that in his life history!

    Im winding up a big work project here and so hope to be able to pick up the camera in a more serious fashion soon. I miss not going off on shoots – you just cant do photography with an odd hour here and there, you need concentrated periods of time as you know.

    Cheers from Sydney M


  3. Rick Ferrall said:

    A true man with much wisdom and understanding! I salute your and advocation.
    Thanks again Beate.
    Rick in TLH

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