Servant from South Carolina


A few days ago I was rushing to get to an appointment and I drove past this striking-looking man. He was sitting in front of a mechanic’s shop waiting for the bus in Decatur. During the next few seconds I weighed the pros and cons of stopping and within a block’s distance I had made the decision to head back his way. When I approached him I introduced myself and asked if I could create his portrait. He was very willing to oblige. He told me he was from South Carolina and homeless but had come down to Atlanta to find a better life and to preach The Word. When I asked him his name he replied, “You can call me Servant.”

  1. Marguerite Foxon said:

    Nice one Beate. I love the way you just connect with people like this. M


  2. marney richards said:

    I am really enjoying seeing these views into your life there. Glad to be receiving your pics.

    • Thanks for taking the time to view my blog. It’s a nice way to stay connected.

  3. Margarita Montalvo said:


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