My Remarkable Father

Dad at Water Aerobics Class 2

Last week I was in New Mexico visiting my father. This was my first trip back since my mother passed away. One of my goals during my stay was to continue to create images for a photo essay I have been working on about my mom. Within a day of my visit, I became inspired to turn the camera on my dad. This is a man who lost his wife three months ago, who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer earlier this year and who finished eight weeks of daily radiation treatment last week. Despite these challenges he has continued to play chamber music, take viola lessons, shop and cook for himself and attend his water aerobics classes on a daily basis. His positive attitude and zest for life have never wavered. My father is a remarkable man! Oh, and did I mention, he will be 89 years old next Sunday.

  1. Remarkable photo of a remarkable man. Love the hands. Did you ask him to pose like that or capture this as he was just being?

    • Thanks Bonita. I attended the water aerobics class to capture some shots of my dad exercising. At one point he swam over to the side of the pool to speak with me. That is when I captured this shot. I did ask him to stay still for a few seconds otherwise he would have been off in a flash. The light was beautiful. There was a large picture window directly behind me and it was a cloudy day. The soft light bathed the edge of the pool.

  2. Sue Ebbers said:

    What a legacy, Beatte.

    • I always strive to be the person he is. Those are very hard shoes to fill.

  3. Kirt Kempter said:

    Hi Beate –

    Great photo and post! He is a remarkable man… Enjoyed your posting of the fair too!

    Hope, Tim and the kids are doing well. Here is a recent photo of our kids, transfixed on their favorite ball…

    Best, Kirt

    • Thanks Kirt for your continued support. Knowing that family and friends stay connected through my blog keeps me inspired to post.

  4. Jason said:

    Fantastic shot Beate! I continue to be impressed every time your posts hit my inbox. Keep them coming.

    • Thanks Joanne. As long as I am photographing I will continue to post.

  5. Margarita Montalvo said:

    PRECIOUS!!!!!! “Remarkable” is not enough of an adjective to describe him. You forgot to mention that he EATS salt by the POUND!!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait till you finish what you are preparing about Doris. You look a lot like Peter. I remember your mother describing you. She would say: “Ella es bien grieguita”.

    By the way, I forwarded it to some friends who know him, and who knew Doris.

    Abrazos, Margarita

    • Margarita, I will be posting my mom’s photo essay on my web site soon. I will send you the link when I do.

  6. Bunny Ferrall said:

    Thank you for sharing his photo! He Looks great!

    Sent from my iPhone

  7. sally muir said:

    Lovely. I love how his eyes seem to match the pool. It’s a very striking image. I love your work!
    How wonderful to have him as a father.

  8. Janet Hastings said:

    Your dad, Beate- i can see your eyes in his- i have come to believe life in the 80s and 90s is certainly not for sissies- I too admire your Dad’s courage. glad you had this time with him.

    • Thanks for your lovely comment.

      Can we play the November trip by ear. Lots going on right now including a possible trip back to see my dad then. My biggest concern is my chronic insomnia. I have an appt. at a Sleep Disorders clinic in two weeks. My inability to sleep past 3.30 am has finally caught up to me. I have just started a months trial of sleeping pills but I am still waking up way too early. If I could only sleep through the night I would feel like I could tackle anything. It’s amazing how something so basis is so important. I’ve ignored this problem now for 14 years. It’s time to do something about it.

      I will stay I’m touch. How is Liz!



      Sent from my iPhone

  9. Hildy said:

    Your Dad, our dear brother in law is truly a remarkable man. We enjoyed seeing him so much yesterday and look forward to your visit next Saturday, lunch in your Mom’s name! Your dinner was delicious! love aunt Hildy

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