The Box Hero Corps.

Box Heros at Parade 2The Box Hero Corps. ( participated in the Children’s Christmas Parade on Saturday in Midtown Atlanta. These delightful characters are the brainchild of Stephen Larkworthy who was inspired by the comics he read as a kid. Cardboard, a glue gun and house paint are used to construct these action figures.

  1. Rick Ferrall said:

    Very Cool! Enjoy the holidays with your family!
    regards to you,

  2. Margarita Montalvo said:

    You certainly captured the fun! Margarita

  3. Walt Wager said:

    lots of fun! Great eye.

  4. Yvonne Young said:

    So cool….what will people think of next? Very creative!

    • When asked why the creator does this he said to see the looks on the kid’s faces. I was as delighted as the kids.

      I did get your call. So glad to hear that Grace is thriving. Bummer about the breast infection. I hope Sharon is feeling better very soon.

      Good luck surviving these last several days of school.



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