Monthly Archives: January 2014

Decatur at MIdnightWho would have surmised that two inches of snow would paralyze Atlanta on Tuesday? Some children spent the night in schools because they were unable to be safely transported home. The freeways and city streets were gridlocked. The lucky individuals who made it home may have spent eight hours or more on the road. A woman gave birth on Interstate 285. Despite the chaos playing out in and around Atlanta, my neighborhood was quiet, peaceful and beautifully blanketed in snow. This was the view from our second story window at midnight on January 28th.


Snowing in DecaturI was finishing up a portrait session with a friend this morning when we glanced out the window and noticed it was snowing! I have lived in the South for 23 years and have never witnessed anything more substantial than stray flurries drifting down from the sky. By 1:30 pm, schools and city and state offices were closing. I happened by Winnona Park Elementary School in Decatur on my way home and saw the students out on the playground. As I emerged from my car with camera in hand I heard the gleeful sounds of the children as they frolicked in the snow. It was a magical sight.

Billiard Balls and TruckThe cold weather has persisted and most people are hunkering down inside. Given my propensity to photograph people on the streets, I have had to focus my camera elsewhere. The billiard balls above are painted on a darkly tinted window of a bar. I have attempted to photograph in this window several times but it wasn’t until my last visit to this East Atlanta neighborhood that I had an unobstructed reflection of the buildings across the street. Cars are usually parked a few feet away along the curb. In the end, I selected this image in which a semi-truck invaded the space.

SteinbecksThis afternoon, Atlanta was blessed with a balmy 63 degrees after frigid temperatures in the single digits at the start of the week. I siezed the opportunity to go out to photograph. I had a destination in mind but as I was driving out of our neighborhood, I saw the side view of Steinbeck’s Ale House in my rear view mirror. This is a wall I have photographed many times but the light at that moment was spectacular. I stopped the car and the above image was the first shot I took. Serendipity was at play, because as soon as I pressed my shutter, an employee walked out the door.