Billiard Balls and Truck

Billiard Balls and TruckThe cold weather has persisted and most people are hunkering down inside. Given my propensity to photograph people on the streets, I have had to focus my camera elsewhere. The billiard balls above are painted on a darkly tinted window of a bar. I have attempted to photograph in this window several times but it wasn’t until my last visit to this East Atlanta neighborhood that I had an unobstructed reflection of the buildings across the street. Cars are usually parked a few feet away along the curb. In the end, I selected this image in which a semi-truck invaded the space.

  1. Margarita Montalvo said:

    What a great idea! Margarita

  2. chip said:

    It took a lot of balls to make a picture this strong! You are a remarkable photographer.

    • Thanks Chip. The last time I photographed this window I used my wide angle lens which I had not done previously. It made the difference.

  3. Bunny Ferrall said:

    Cool!!! Very creative!!!

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Thanks Bunny. I thought the billiard balls painted on the window to be pretty creative in itself.

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