Snowing in Decatur

Snowing in DecaturI was finishing up a portrait session with a friend this morning when we glanced out the window and noticed it was snowing! I have lived in the South for 23 years and have never witnessed anything more substantial than stray flurries drifting down from the sky. By 1:30 pm, schools and city and state offices were closing. I happened by Winnona Park Elementary School in Decatur on my way home and saw the students out on the playground. As I emerged from my car with camera in hand I heard the gleeful sounds of the children as they frolicked in the snow. It was a magical sight.

  1. yoyodreams said:


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  2. margfoxon said:

    Lovely shot. My word the Sourh incl FL is having awful weather! I’m in Auckland airport to fly back to Syd after 3 weeks photographing this gorgeous landscape. M

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    • Thanks. So glad you had a wonderful time in New Zealand. Can’t wait to see some of you shots.

  3. Joanna said:

    This is one of my favorite of your pictures! Our university closed today for temperatures low with expected wind chills near 40 below. Not sure what it actually got down to.

    • Thanks Joanna. Atlanta has been immobilized now for 24 hours. Schools are cancelled again for tomorrow. A lot of fuss for a few inches of snow. 40 below is much more daunting. Stay warm.

  4. Janet Hastings said:

    Beate- you must have arrived in Tallahassee after the last “big snow” in December, 1989- people are recalling it here as we wait for our “snow” to come again early tomorrow- love, Janet

    • Did you get some snow? Yes, we arrived in Tallahassee in 1990 so we missed the excitement although there has been plenty of hoopla here over a few inches of snow. It has been beautiful though.

  5. marney said:

    What a great picture. I love the bright jacket colors against the gray, snowy backdrop — like a holiday card. We’re getting a little sleet here now in Tally.

    • Thanks Marney. I hope your bit of sleet does not create any significant hazards in Tallahassee.

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