Andryannis Greek Bistro Cafe

Andryannis Greek Bistro Cafe-1When I venture out to photograph, my journey is not only about creating a compelling image but also about the connections I make with the people in my community. I wander along the streets but I also investigate places that are tucked along paths less traveled. Recently that was the case when I stumbled upon Andryannis Greek Bistro Cafe, a small, unpretentious eatery behind a large office building in downtown Decatur. Kaliopy, the owner along with her husband, was preparing the cafe for lunch when our paths crossed as she stepped outside. Being half Greek and obsessed with good food, I inquired about the menu and was immediately invited inside. She introduced me to her husband, Marios, who is the chef and I was invited to return for a meal. This past weekend, I took neighbors with us to sample the fare at Andryannis. We shared several appetizers, main dishes and desserts and everything was phenomenal. Not only was the food terrific but the atmosphere was intimate and warm, like eating at a good friend’s home. As we left, we were introduced to Kalopy’s and Mario’s young children who had dropped by the cafe with their grandparents. The evening was memorable and would not have transpired if I hadn’t gone out in search of pictures.  Consider dinning at Andryannis in Decatur. Visit their web site for more information at

  1. Margarita Montalvo said:

    She looks as GREEK as humanly possible. Next time…take a picture of the food also…so we can taste it. Margarita

  2. Bunny Ferrall said:

    I hate to send this text but want you To know that Rick passed away last Saturday night! He died of a heart Condition caused by agent orange!! My heart is broken!! My girls are with Me and we are moving forward through All the arrangements that have to be Made. The service will be held this Saturday at Rivertown Community Church at 2 pm

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  3. Hildy Diaz said:

    These restaurant owners are so lucky to have met you. You could not have given them a better exposure with your beautiful story. Now we look forward to try their food also.
    We leave for Satellite Beach Saturday and will return on the 22nd. Stay happy. A. Hildy

  4. Yvonne Young said:

    Yes, Mike and I would love to try out the restaraunt as well! Beate, I love how you tell a story with your photos. It’s a gift.

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