Decatur Dairy Queen Closing

Decatur Dairy Queen-1Decatur’s iconic, 60-year-old Dairy Queen closed on Saturday. Throngs of loyal customers returned one last time for their favorite DQ treat. The Momin family has owned this popular hang-out for 33 years. The energy was palpable as customers showered the Momin family with hugs and hand-made signs thanking them for their business and friendship. There is a silver lining to this story. The Momin family will reopen their DQ in 18 months as part of a new residential/retail development that will be built at this same location.

Decatur Dairy Queen-2Decatur Dairy Queen-3Decatur Dairy Queen-4Decatur Dairy Queen-5

    • Thanks Nancy. It was an honor to be able to capture these images on such an important day for the Momin family.

  1. marney richards said:

    Hey Beate,
    I’ve been wondering how you get such candid images. You mentioned that you talk with the people, to learn a little about them. But they usually look like they aren’t even paying attention to the camera. Glad you included the happy ending.

  2. In this situation, everyone was photographing, mostly with their phones so no one seemed to object that I was up in their space shooting as well. Lots of people actually wanted to pose for me and I of course obliged but my preference is to capture more candid photos. When I arrived at the DQ I did ask the Momin family if I could photograph and they were willing to allow it since I agreed to sharing my images with them. I enjoy taking the photos as much as talking to the people and listening to their stories.

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