Decimal Place Farm

Decimal Place FarmThis week I accompanied third grade students from Oakhurst Elementary School in Decatur to Decimal Place Farm in Conley, GA. The school received a mini-grant from the Decatur Education Foundation for a project called, Be The Change. This project teaches the children how the gift of a goat can empower a family to turn hunger into hope and prosperity. At the farm, the students had the opportunity to milk a goat and learn how the milk could be used to make cheese. Aside from their educational experience, the children also discovered that goats are gentle and social creatures. The day after their visit to the farm, these third graders learned that they would be donating a goat to a poor family in Africa.

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  1. Hildy Diaz said:

    Beate, we sponsor and ” buy goats, baby chicks and other animals for recipients in Africa ” and give this to our grandkids as our Christmas present to them. They always are very happy with this gift, it now has become a tradition.
    Have a nice, cozy, rainy Sunday.
    aunt Hildy

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