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George Beasley the Sculptor

On the border of the Fourth Ward and downtown Atlanta sits the GSU (Georgia State University) Sculpture Studio. It is housed in what used to be Jack’s, one of the first department stores in Atlanta that catered to the African-American community.  I had the pleasure of meeting George Beasley, a well-known sculptor, at the GSU Sculpture Studio. Professor Beasley started teaching at GSU in the Fine Arts Department in 1970. He was instrumental in incorporating the iron casting art form into the University’s sculpture program 42 years ago. He was also the creator of one of GSU’s most loved traditions, the Holiday Iron Pour, which began in 1972 and is now the second oldest public iron pour in the country. Professor Beasley retired from GSU four years ago but he continues to pursue personal projects and mentor students.


Rio the boxerRio came bounding down the sidewalk in Little Five Points throwing punches in the air. He turned the corner and I followed. As I rounded the corner Rio was posing for people as they snapped pictures with their cell phones. The only condition to taking his picture was to accept his business card. Rio was born in Jackson, Mississippi and is a self-taught artist. He expresses himself through various art forms which include body art, make-up, video production and fine art. To learn more about Rio Sirah and the services he provides visit his web site at

Southeastern Reptile Rescue

Decatur celebrated Earth Day this past weekend and the Southeastern Reptile Rescue participated in this event. By educating the public about reptiles the Southeastern Reptile Rescue aims to reduce people’s fears and misconceptions about snakes and in turn increase our respect for these creatures. Featured on the shoulders of this young lady is a Boa constrictor, commonly known as a “red-tailed boa”. This Boa weighs about 90 lbs and eats a five-pound rabbit once a month to sustain itself.


I met London outside his mother’s store, Lil Lotz, in East Atlanta Village. London is an artist and is especially fond of drawing animals. He is also a sensitive and observant young man. He had been watching a pair of pigeons transport twigs under the orange bench. He was very cautious as he sat on the bench because he did not want to disturb the nesting birds.


East Atlantic Village is undergoing revitalization. Unique shops, charming galleries and eclectic restaurants have opened in this southeast neighborhood. This has become one of my favorite places to wander on the weekends. I captured this image as I walked by Flatiron, which is located under 13 Roses Tattoo Parlor.