Monthly Archives: June 2014

Mural in Castleberry Hills

I discovered this mural on Peters Street in the historic neighborhood of Castleberry Hills. I was intrigued with the mural because the boy is missing an eye. I don’t know whether the artist painted the boy without an eye or whether the mural was defaced. I am always reticent to photograph another person’s art but when I noticed the reflection of the boy in the window of the building across the street I knew that I could incorporate the mural into an image of my own. As an interesting aside, Castleberry Hills is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Atlanta. It was called Snake Nation in the 1840s and 1850s as a result of the snake oil salesmen that peddled their products on the streets. At that time it was known as the city’s red light district and was not considered a place to be frequented by decent folks. Today the neighborhood is in transition and is home to art galleries, restaurants and lofts.


Norcross Baseball-1Norcross Baseball-2Norcross Baseball-3 It was a long, hot Sunday at the ball park yesterday. My son’s baseball team, the Atlanta Blue Jays, played three games in temperatures that hovered in the low 90s. As the afternoon progressed the energy amongst the spectators waned. It was at this time when people were fatigued that I was able to capture the most successful unguarded moments at the ball park.


Baseball in WoodstockI was born and married into a family of baseball enthusiasts. Despite the fact that I am surrounded by loved ones who take pleasure in the sport I find myself getting restless at games. I feel conflicted about my lack of gusto for this All-American sport because my 15 year-old-son, Peter, is so passionate about playing baseball. I have started to take my camera to Peter’s games and the challenge of finding unique images at the ballpark keeps me engaged. This past weekend, we traveled to Woodstock, Georgia for a baseball tournament. The image above was captured at the Woodstock High School baseball field.


TKs Cadillac-1 TKs Cadillac-2

Since moving to our current house two years ago, a neighbor, TK, has kept his 1959 Cadillac parked at the far end of his driveway. This morning, I noticed that the car was parked on the street so I rushed home to retrieve my camera. I took lots of shots of the car from different angles but knew that i needed a human subject in the composition to complete the shot. Lucky for me, TK stepped out of his front door and agreed to be photographed. Meanwhile, TK’s dog, Zephyr, was madly scratching and barking at the front door so TK let her out. I was excited about the prospect of photographing TK, his car and dog together, but Zephyr would not stay still long enough to be photographed with her master.

Freddy Cleaning Windows

I never imagined that a person cleaning windows would be a beautiful sight to watch. Freddy’s movements were graceful and fluid as he washed the windows of this downtown eatery. He reminded me of a symphony conductor as he moved his arms and body with intent and mastery.