TK’s 1959 Cadillac

TKs Cadillac-1 TKs Cadillac-2

Since moving to our current house two years ago, a neighbor, TK, has kept his 1959 Cadillac parked at the far end of his driveway. This morning, I noticed that the car was parked on the street so I rushed home to retrieve my camera. I took lots of shots of the car from different angles but knew that i needed a human subject in the composition to complete the shot. Lucky for me, TK stepped out of his front door and agreed to be photographed. Meanwhile, TK’s dog, Zephyr, was madly scratching and barking at the front door so TK let her out. I was excited about the prospect of photographing TK, his car and dog together, but Zephyr would not stay still long enough to be photographed with her master.

  1. Margarita Montalvo said:


  2. margfoxon said:

    Great car. Only in America! And the hair do! I leave Tues for 10 days in Outback with 28 photographers from my local club. My first trip out there. Watch Facebook for a few shots. M

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