Free Palestine Demonstration

Free Palestine

I’ve missed photographing on the streets of Atlanta, so Saturday I headed downtown. I ended up in Centennial Olympic Park among thousands of people enjoying Praise in the Park, a gospel music festival. I worked myself through the masses and ended up at the new Atlanta Civil Rights Museum where I photographed.  After a satisfying afternoon I headed back to the MARTA station to catch a train back home. As I approached the station I came upon a large group of people preparing to march. As police escorts moved into place the crowd started to move down Marietta Street. They marched to the beat of drums and chanted, “Free Palestine.” My earliest memories of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict was over 40 years ago when an Israeli friend of our family was serving in the Israeli army. I remember seeing footage of the conflict on the news showing injured and dead bodies in a field. It was disturbing on many fronts but as a young girl all I could think about was whether our friend was among the bodies laying in the field. It is incomprehensible that this conflict persists and even more disturbing that a resolution is nowhere in sight.

  1. Margarita Montalvo said:

    The worst part is that more conflicts are created for the future. Margarita

  2. marney richards said:

    Thanks for sharing the photo and story. Seeing the violence escalate once again, its easy for me to think this, and other, conflicts will never ever end. Talking with a friend recently, we were able to call to mind a few places in the world where peace finally prevailed after such long wars.

  3. Hildy Diaz said:

    Let’s hope that this time the 3 day truce will last and that a solution to their problems can be negotiated with lasting peace. My heart goes out to the victims.

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