Monthly Archives: September 2014

Dad 90 yo

When I asked my dad several months ago how he would like to celebrate his 90th birthday he replied that he would like to have friends over for a party. Not only was he talking about hosting 35 guests he also considered cooking. In the end, I was able to persuade him to have the main meal catered. He insisted on making the appetizers and by the time I had arrived in Albuquerque he had already made the guacamole and ratatouille, marinated the greek olives and created a last minute list of items to shop for. One might think that shopping with a 90 year old man might take a better part of the day but when I enter a grocery store with my dad he is already halfway down the first aisle as I am just walking through the entrance with the cart. But as I have mentioned before, my dad is not an ordinary man. He is an extraordinary person who embraces life with true gusto. Perhaps this is why my dad is still vibrant and youthful at 90 years old. Happy Birthday Dad. I love you!  (And by the way Dad, please do not mention again that you are starting to feel your age.)