Meeting Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor

Frequently, my journey while photographing on the streets of Atlanta has less to do with the success of the images I create and more about my interactions with the people I meet. Such was the case last weekend when I met Richard Taylor outside his warehouse studio on Krog Street. He was washing “bee shit” off a vintage car and I was entranced with the beautiful light that illuminated the inside of his two-story garage that housed four other vintage cars in various states of repair. There were bikes, tires and the body of a car hanging from the ceiling and a plethora of tools neatly arranged on shelves and benches. After chatting a bit he told me he raced cars and motor bikes and tried to convince me that he was a professional tinkerer. I was invited upstairs to tour his studio and it was in that space that I learned about the depth of this man. Every nook and cranny reflected his passions. Richard is an architect, general contractor, pilot, artist, beekeeper, chef and videographer.  One of his great adventures spanned 11 years. He and a partner recovered a World War II fighter plane that was buried 265 feet under the Greenland Icecap and he invented a contraption to melt the ice in order to excavate the plane. There was no end to the interesting life that Richard Taylor has led and is still living. In the end our conversation shifted to family. It was his insights and wise advise about raising a teenage boy that most impressed me. It was advise that I have reflected upon as I continue to be challenged with parenting my 15-year-old son. Although Richard Talyor’s studio had been my first stop on my morning photographic adventure, I decided to return home as I left his studio. I knew my adventure couldn’t possibly get better than that.

  1. jerry turner said:

    Nice!!! Great story and wonder photograph of an amazing gentleman.
    You did good, Beate!!

    • Thanks Jerry for your comment and taking the time to visit my blog.

  2. Carolyn Cowan said:

    Dear Beate,

    I enjoy being on your mailing list and wanted to say that this one about Richard Taylor is wonderfully rich and evocative. Your open curiosity about people and what they’re about and how that plays out in what they choose to devote their energy to make all of us richer!

    Hope you are all well at your home. Phil and I are in London for 2 weeks training clinicians as couples group leaders for parents of young children – as we’ve been doing in California for many years. Two years ago, the British government decided to fund a program here in the U.K. to offer our couples group intervention to couples who are vulnerable because of their poverty and/or their challenging histories of troubled relationships. We are delighted to be able to come here several times a year to train and consult on their Partners as Parents program.

    Warmly, Carolyn

    Sent from my iPad


    • What a beautiful comment Carolyn. Thank you so much. It is comments such as yours and all the others that I receive that keeps me inspired to share my experiences. What an amazing program you and Phil are involved in. It must be so gratifying to have the British government embrace your life’s work. Your book still graces my bookshelf. Enjoy!

  3. Margarita Montalvo said:

    What a fantastic guy! How lucky of you that you got to meet him! Margarita

    • It was a treat. Photographing has provided me with many rich opportunities that would have never occurred if I had not been carrying my camera.

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