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Decatur Baseball Team-1

I wish to extend a huge thank-you to the Decatur Baseball coaches, players and parents for supporting my project, Real Stories, Real People. This past Monday evening I was asked to throw out the first pitch. This was both an honor and a humbling experience. My pitch soared sky-high and plopped down short of home plate. As I walked off the mound towards the dugout I was intercepted by one of the graduating seniors with an envelope which contained a very generous donation for my project. Despite my lackluster performance this was an evening that touched my heart and will always be treasured. The game ball sits on my desk, scuffed from bouncing in our red Georgia clay; a reminder of a special evening and a remarkable group of young men.

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When Coach Cardozo, the head baseball coach for Decatur High School, invited me to become an embedded photographer for the baseball teams it was a dream come true. What mother and photographer wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to hang out with the boys (including my son) in the dugout during the baseball games. It is an opportunity to witness what a spectator is unable to observe from the stands. It is the chance of a lifetime to capture authentic moments that are fleeting and concealed from public view. It was a gift dropped in my lap but for my 15-year-old son, Peter, it was a nightmare.  I certainly understood his point of view but the lure to photograph the boys in their finest moments was powerful. In the end, Peter and I came to an understanding. When I am in the dugout I am invisible. I am no longer Peter’s mom but just a photographer who strives to capture the essence of the players as individuals and collectively as a team. Just as it should be.

(Coach Cardozo, directly above on the right)