Baseball in Euharlee

Baseball in Euharlee

This past weekend our family traveled to the small, rural town of Euharlee for my son’s baseball game. This was my first visit to Euharlee which is located 56 miles northeast of Atlanta. As we approached Euharlee it was impossible to ignore the imposing structure in the distance which I later discovered was Plant Bowan. Plant Bowan is the ninth largest coal-fired power plant in the nation and can supply enough energy to power 1.9 million homes or enough electricity in 15 seconds to power an average sized home for a year. I found the juxtaposition of the power plant and baseball field, where young, healthy athletes were playing a rigorous game, to be disturbing. After doing some research I discovered that Plant Bowan has been ranked as high as 13th on the national list of dirtiest coal plants. In 2010, exposure to fine particles emissions from Plant Bowan were responsible for 149 deaths, 107 hospital admissions and 210 heart attacks according to the Clean Air Task Force ( People living in communities near or downwind from coal plants are at the highest risk for health problems and early mortality. Minority and low income populations are impacted the most due to the fact that companies avoid locating power plants upwind from affluent communities. I had a difficult time focusing on the game. Although a local at the park assured me that the plant was one of the cleanest in the nation I could not divert my gaze from the emissions spewing out of the plant towers as the ball players ran the bases filling their lungs with the Euharlee air.

  1. Edie Williams said:

    What perfect timing to call attention to this dirty subject after our President’s announcement this week. Sorry you had to have the joy of watching the game disturbed by that looming reality! I will share your discovery in hopes of awakening some of our complacencies! Thank you, Beate! Edie

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    • Coincidently, our local paper published an article entitled “Ga. needs to slash emissions by 25%” the same day that I published this post. The article mentioned that Plant Bowen was one of the worst carbon polluters in America.

  2. Margarita Montalvo said:

    Interesting, Margarita

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