Drumming with Mosaiah and Jerome

Jerome and Mosaiah-1


When I venture out to photograph it is thrilling to return with a wonderful image. Ultimately though, it is the connections I make with people that are most gratifying. Sometimes an interaction is just a few seconds and other times much longer. When I came upon Mosaiah (on right) and Jerome (on left) playing the African drums at Piedmont Park I stopped to listen. They were beautiful to watch. Their hands coaxed a soothing yet compelling beat out of their drums as their bodies moved in response. When Mosaiah and Jerome paused to acknowledge my presence we began with general introductions and quickly moved beyond mere pleasantries. I learned that Mosaiah and Jerome are passionate about their music and have a desire to reach out to others. They are starting a drumming workshop to enhance the lives of “children” ages 14-40. They were absolutely lovely people and I wished I could have spent more time getting to know them. As I started to leave I hesitated and asked if I might play something with them before I departed. Mosaiah looked up at me and said, “Well I usually don’t let anyone play my drums but today is your lucky day. Move over Jerome.” I sat down between my two new friends and after Mosaiah took a few minutes to instruct me in a beat I began to play the African drum. For the first few minutes Mosaiah verbally instructed me as we played and all of a sudden we were drumming as one. Pure joy. When I bid farewell to Jerome and Mosaiah I knew that it indeed had been my lucky day.

Click on the link below to listen to a short clip of Jerome and Mosaiah drumming.


  1. margfoxon said:

    Someone should have photographed I playing with them!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. marney richards said:

    this is a great portrait of the drummers. your camera, and certainly your way of relating to people, bring wonderful connections.
    btw, i tried the link to the youtube video but couldn’t view it – marked private.

  3. Deborah Timberlake said:

    This was a very uplifting post in a Hands-Across-the-Waters kind of way. Very heartwarming.
    Thnks you.

  4. EUGENE diaz said:

    You found a new talent you never knew you had, Beate. Nice story. I have your Dad’s visit on my calendar. I would love for you all to come here Sep 26 or 27 to celebrate his birthday. What do you think? love aunt Hildy

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