A Proud Grandfather

DSwanns Granddad-1

This past Sunday marked the first year anniversary of the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta. In celebration, a percussion ensemble from Clark Atlanta University performed outside to the delight of many visitors. On the periphery I noticed an unassuming gentleman wearing a unique outfit. His shirt caught my attention but I couldn’t read the inscription in its entirety. As I approached him he smiled and his eyes lit up. When I asked him what the message said he stretched out the front of his shirt to reveal all the lettering and remarked,” D. Swann, would be gold in the pros. Thanks Coach Richt and Staff.” The back of his shirt said the same thing with the exception of “...is gold in the pros…” Given that my knowledge about football is nearly zero, I asked him who D. Swann was and apologized for my ignorance.  He proudly stated, “My grandson.” I learned that Dameon Swann was a graduate of Grady High School in Atlanta and went on to play football at the University of Georgia. He was drafted by the New Orlean Saints this past Spring. Dameon played his first game with the Saints last Saturday evening and Charles Doyle, Dameon’s grandfather, watched the game on TV. When I asked Charles how he felt watching his grandson play his first game with the Saints he replied,”Like a little kid with his first red wagon.” Charles was compelled to create the shirt to honor his grandson and to express his gratitude to Coach Richt and staff at the University of Georgia for their commitment. I was drawn to Charles, his brilliant blue-green eyes, his quiet presence and gentle manner. As we parted ways he shared some inspirational words which spoke volumes about the strength of his character. He said, “Every day I pray that I will be  a better person today than I was yesterday.”

    • Thanks Walt. He was a wonderful person to meet.

  1. Margarita Montalvo said:

    What a character! Margarita

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