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Today my dad is 91 years old. His visit to Atlanta was strategically planned so that we would be together on his birthday. As I was contemplating what to write on this blog post I asked my father to reflect upon the most memorable events and inventions during his lifetime. His answers were predictable and included The Great Depression, World War II, the computer, internet, and space travel. What I had not anticipated was a remark he made to me last night. To put what he articulated in context I should mention that a year ago my father had a pacemaker implanted to correct a heart arrhythmia. Although the pacemaker alleviated the symptoms he had been experiencing, he is concerned about more recent symptoms that are probably cardiac related. So, last night when I asked him how he felt about turning 91 he seriously replied, ” Well, I was hoping that I would die of old age but this may not be in the cards.” I need not say anymore. At the age of 91, my dad is vibrant and youthful in every possible way. My wish to him is that he will have many more vital years in which to enjoy the life he loves. Happy Birthday Dad!


Dragon con-1 Dragon con-2

Dragon con-3Dragon con-4 Dragon con-5

I attended the Dragon Con Parade in Atlanta last weekend. Although my intention was to photograph the participants in costume my attention was drawn to all the people who were mesmerized with their cell phones. If a phone was not in use (which was rare) it was cradled in a palm or sat a finger’s stretch away from its owner.

DHS baseball_Tyler


I am honored to have a dozen of my images from my project, The Dugout, published in the September/October issue of South x Southeast Photomagazine. Nancy McCrary, the publisher and Editor-in-Chief has launched a revamped version of this on-line publication and it is stunning. In addition to showcasing the work of many accomplished photographers, this issue also features several interviews including one with Sally Mann. In the past, SxSE could only be viewed by subscription holders but now it is available for free to all. Thanks Nancy! To view the latest issue of SxSE visit the link below.