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100 year old lady_Halloween

During her visit to Atlanta, this 100-year-old Alabama resident participated in the Haints and Saints Halloween Parade in Decatur. When I asked whether I could take her picture, she and her driving companion insisted on getting the Chihuahua dressed in her costume for the shot. In their eyes batdog was the star but I was more impressed by the centenarian.




Homecoming-3 Homecoming-4



This week is Homecoming at Decatur High School and it is one of many events that brings the City of Decatur together. The weekend’s celebration got off to a festive start this afternoon with the much anticipated parade. Students of all ages marched along the streets of Decatur to the hoopla and cheers of family, friends and neighbors.

Dad Practicing

My dad has played music as long as I can remember. Since he began studying violin at the age of 8, music has always played an integral part of his life,

“When I was in the 5th grade a German Jewish refugee boy, Wolfgang Kriegsman, joined our class. He also played the violin and we became fast friends. His family was very musical and they began to include me in musical events in their home. They essentially introduced me to chamber music which has been my first love ever since.”

At 91 years old, my dad still takes private lessons, practices daily, and plays chamber music twice a week. When he travels he carries his instrument with him. Today, I had the opportunity to photograph my dad practicing. When asked to describe the emotions he feels when he plays, he responded, “Exhilaration, an emotional satisfaction from the beauty of the music and a release from all my cares in the world.”