The Gift of Music

Dad Practicing

My dad has played music as long as I can remember. Since he began studying violin at the age of 8, music has always played an integral part of his life,

“When I was in the 5th grade a German Jewish refugee boy, Wolfgang Kriegsman, joined our class. He also played the violin and we became fast friends. His family was very musical and they began to include me in musical events in their home. They essentially introduced me to chamber music which has been my first love ever since.”

At 91 years old, my dad still takes private lessons, practices daily, and plays chamber music twice a week. When he travels he carries his instrument with him. Today, I had the opportunity to photograph my dad practicing. When asked to describe the emotions he feels when he plays, he responded, “Exhilaration, an emotional satisfaction from the beauty of the music and a release from all my cares in the world.”

  1. Mahon, Barbara E said:

    Another amazing portrait! As wonderful as all of your urban photos are, I think you’re at your best when you photograph your own family. Thanks!

    Barbara ________________________________

    • Thanks Barbara. You are right in that a more intimate portrait can be captured when the subject is one you know on a deep level.

  2. Carolyn Cowan said:

    Inspiring, Beate! Lovely photo and lovely narrative. You have a talent for asking the best, most gentle questions, that get to the heart of the matter of those you photograph.

    • Thanks Carolyn. It is always a bonus to interview someone as articulate and insightful as my dad.

  3. Walt Wager said:

    Beautiful image and story to go with it.

  4. Margarita Montalvo said:

    This is the BEST of the best, Beate!!!!! What a great picture!!!!!! Margarita

    • Thanks Margarita. This is one of my favorites too.

  5. Phil Cowan said:

    What at great photo. Yes, in part because of your dad. But it has universal significance

    • Thanks for your insight. Of course this is a very personal image and I’m glad to know that it resonates with others. I appreciate your comment Phil.

  6. marney richards said:

    a beautiful portrait. i love the expression in both his hands and his face. 80+ years of music in a life. wow.

    • Wow is right. I am always amazed when I see my dad. I’m impressed not only by his physical health but his zest for learning and living life. Thanks for your kind comment. I think that you especially appreciate how important it was to capture both his hands in this image. It took many shots before a succeeded in capturing this one. Hands tell volumes about a person’s life. Thanks Marney.

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