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Steinbecks Ale House sponsored the 5th annual chili cook-off this past weekend in my neighborhood of Oakhurst. This was a great opportunity to capture young folks having a fun time. Often, parents get nervous when I am photogprahjng their kids but at this gathering they were busy socializing with neighbors, sampling the chili and drinking beer. The kids were free to venture out on their own to play and I happily followed with my camera in hand.


Kings Hwy-2Kings Hwy

I am not patient when it comes to road construction. Crews have been paving in our neighborhood for a couple of weeks now. When I found myself in a long line of cars inching along to get through an intersection I turned around and decided to wind through side streets to get back home. I wasn’t entirely sure where I was going but I just keep moving in the direction of my house. As I was driving along Kings Hwy, I happened to see this display above on the front lawn of a neighbor’s house. There were close to 100 toys and dolls in various stages of dismemberment strategically placed on this carpet of greenery. At a distance it appeared whimsical but up close it was creepy. I could only wonder who would shoot Pinocchio, Tigger and Santa Claus (lower image). This is the same question I am grappling with in the aftermath of the Paris and Mali massacres.

Gotta Go-1Gotta Go-2Gotta Go-3Gotta Go-4

Two things compelled me to capture these images. First, is that I love this mural on the wall of a building on the square in Decatur.  Secondly, these are classy looking port-a- potties which were imported for the Decatur Wine Festival last weekend. I thought about my tactic to capture the artistic merits of both the mural and port-a- potties and this is a sample of what I came up with.


I met Morris at the Decatur Wine Festival where he was selling cigars. As he was packing up I approached him and asked to take his portrait. As I took the time to shoot from various angles Morris relaxed and began to tell me his story, which is one of personal triumph and love. Morris grew up in Waycross, Georgia along with seven brothers and seven sisters. His daddy was a sergeant and fought in three wars.  He also sold moonshine on the side but was never busted because the county sheriff was his cousin. Combat look a toll on the sergeant’s mental health and Morris became the recipient of his father’s anger. When Morris graduated from high school he hightailed it out of town. He graduated at three in the afternoon and by six he was on a bus to join the army. Morris spoke with pride about two life-changing events. The first is that he is a recovering cocaine and alcohol addict. He checked himself into rehabilitation 14 years ago and has never looked back. His greatest source of pride though is that he has a daughter who adopted him as a father. When his housekeeper announced she was getting married, she asked him if he would walk her down the aisle. When he asked her, “Wouldn’t you rather have your step-father have that honor?,” she replied that he felt more like a father than anyone else. Aside from selling cigars, Morris is also going to school to become a drug and alcohol counselor. He wants to help others as a way to give back and because he understands the pain associated with being an addict.

On this Veterans Day, thank you Morris and all those who have served our country.

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The Decatur Arts Alliance (DAA)  sponsored another wonderful event this past weekend, the Decatur Wine Festival. The DAA is a “nonprofit partnership of artists, business owners, residents and government dedicated to supporting and enhancing the arts in the city of Decatur.” The revenue from the wine festival will be used to fund a variety of free arts related events throughout the year as well as provide grant money to local artists. If you are interested in becoming a member of the DAA and supporting the arts in our city please visit the website to join.