Halloween Display

Kings Hwy-2Kings Hwy

I am not patient when it comes to road construction. Crews have been paving in our neighborhood for a couple of weeks now. When I found myself in a long line of cars inching along to get through an intersection I turned around and decided to wind through side streets to get back home. I wasn’t entirely sure where I was going but I just keep moving in the direction of my house. As I was driving along Kings Hwy, I happened to see this display above on the front lawn of a neighbor’s house. There were close to 100 toys and dolls in various stages of dismemberment strategically placed on this carpet of greenery. At a distance it appeared whimsical but up close it was creepy. I could only wonder who would shoot Pinocchio, Tigger and Santa Claus (lower image). This is the same question I am grappling with in the aftermath of the Paris and Mali massacres.

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  1. Margarita Montalvo said:

    That’s how terrorism begins!!!! At an early age…with toys!!!! Margarita

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