Crocheting on MARTA

Knitting on MARTA

I was returning home on the train when a woman boarded with her motorized scooter and sat down in front of me. As soon as she settled into her seat she whipped out her yarn and started to crochet. What caught my attention was that within seconds she was intensely focused and engrossed in her craft. Although I had some trepidation about disturbing her, my curiosity won over. Luckily, when I spoke to her I was greeted with a big smile. When I complemented her on the bag she was crocheting she proudly showed me the other items she had finished. She shared with me that she had learned to crochet during her stay in prison and that she was extremely grateful for her new life, finally free of drugs. Until recently, she had been homeless but was now living in her own apartment. She was on her way to Clarkston to a location where she has been lucky to find discarded lottery tickets that were winning tickets. She was hopeful that she would be lucky again on this day so she would be able to purchase more yarn. My stop approached much too quickly and as I hurried off the train I realized I had not asked her name. Nevertheless, I felt as if I had been the lucky one this day.


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